A Beautiful New Year?

Beauty saves. Beauty heals. Beauty motivates. Beauty unites. Beauty returns us to our origins, and here lies the ultimate act of saving, of healing, of overcoming dualism. –Matthew Fox

As we approach another new year, so follow the resolutions. We vow to improve our eating habits, be more disciplined about exercise, quit smoking and make changes to other areas of our lives that need improvement. But what impact would there be individually, communally and globally if we resolved to create more beauty in our lives?

For human beings, beauty is as vital as air and water in the quest to enrich our life experience, yet most of us give very little thought to seeking it out or manifesting it. Perhaps we think we must possess artistic prowess, the skills of an architect or the wild imagination of a designer to create beauty. Or, that efforts need to be done on a grand scale and validated by general consensus. The fact is, the creation of beauty starts by merely calling it forth. It is always present, hidden in plain sight and waiting for us to make the effort to see it or bring all the parts together to birth it.

Seeking or creating something that we find beautiful becomes a wonderful habit that benefits us more than smoking that extra cigarette or starting another useless war. The pursuit of beauty transforms and connects us to a higher vibratory energy. The connection mutates us and our perception of life is altered. We not only see beauty- we become beauty. When we feel that higher vibratory energy we are connected to our highest selves and it becomes a place we want to stay. Life becomes easier because we aren’t putting our precious energy into the lower vibratory energies that negatively impact our lives and keep us stuck. Beauty becomes our drug of choice to keep creating.

Imagine the impact of realizing that we all have the skill set needed to change anything from ugly to beautiful. Well, we do.

Proof of that statement is available every second of every day. The only thing that stands in the way of making it reality is our commitment to doing so. As an interior designer, I am committed to changing physical space into a clients’ vision of beauty because I see the way they are transformed. When people live in a space that they find beautiful they are connected to the higher vibration needed to see and feel their own inner beauty. That is not a statement that comes from a place of vanity or ego, neither of which exists in the realm of true beauty. Rather, it is a statement that supports the universal principle that what we see and think we shall become, and one that I am passionate about sharing.

What might happen if we expand the pursuit of beauty beyond our own homes? Think of the burned out inner cities and war torn countries whose inhabitants don’t see beauty. I believe it has huge impact on the quality of life and lack of positive thinking. Many years ago I visited a country on the northern coast of Africa. While situated between the natural beauty of sea and mountains, I remember feeling sick to my stomach as our driver gave us a “tour” of the city. Everywhere I looked there was rubble and trash and a palpable sense that it’s inhabitants had long forgotten what beauty looked or felt like. When that is lost, one lives in the depths of despair where there is no dreaming, no inspiration and no glimmer of hope that there is something better or gentler in the world. That is the greatest kind of poverty.

Think of the paradigm shifts that could happen if we focused our energies on creating beauty in our world. The pursuit of beauty can break us of the destructive patterns and hardship that happens in its absence. Its presence creates ripples that become large waves making life a rich experience instead of something to be muddled through. Its’ creation can exist beyond the present and extend into the future.

This New Year is an opportunity for us to transform the ugly into the beautiful. Whether you contemplate transforming a room, or your life, know that the door to doing always right in front of you.