A New World Order

“Remake the world, a little at a time, each in your own corner of the world.”
― Rick Riordan

I recently came across a note from a friend who had joined us for a long weekend
this past summer. In it, she thanked me “for letting us visit your wonderful world.”
That choice of words struck me. I knew that their meaning reached far beyond the aesthetics of the property, the food and drink served or the thread count of the sheets. It was acknowledgement that what was shared was bigger than all that. My world, which physically and energetically surrounds me, is a manifestation of the thought and care put into its creation. That note was a reminder that we are the architects of our own worlds.

The idea of creating one’s world can seem daunting if the picture is too big. The world, our Earth, is full of natural and man made beauty, but it is also filled with the hazard of the natural world and the horrors of the man made one. While we all have a responsibility to treat the planet and its inhabitants with care and dignity, it can seem pointless after reading depressing headlines, traveling through trash strewn neighborhoods or encountering hate-filled or self-centered people.

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The constant barrage of these problems can leave even the most optimistic among us overwhelmed and rolled up in the fetal position. The negative we see and feel around us is a result of directed energy (whether maliciously intended or born of neglect) that denigrates and deconstructs. Conversely, it is possible to generate more positive energy with conscious intent and thoughtful action. It is our duty to do so, even when –especially when – it seems that the odds are against us.

The key to positivity is to think smaller and focus our attention on the areas we can impact directly and immediately.

I have always believed that the home is the most fundamental starting point for creating ones world. It is the place we begin and end our days (on a daily basis and in the timeline of a life). And, though we might not realize it, it is impacted by everything that happens to us as we foray into the bigger world. In it, we determine what surrounds us, who we let in and whether it is setting the tone for a positive and fulfilling life, or one of chaos and negativity.

My life as an interior designer has shown me that our homes are more than just utilitarian shelters and architectural facades. They are an alchemy of life force and physicality-there to be morphed into the worlds we want and need them to be. While they are furnished with objects from the physical world, they are nothing but empty shells without our energetic input. With that input they become personal worlds of pleasure, and safe haven from the larger world that spins out of our control.

It is said that creation is 80% planning and 20% doing. In applying that ratio to the creation of our personal worlds, then it might translate to 80% daydreaming, traveling, exploring, inquiring, listening and imagining to bring thoughtful consciousness to our wants and needs. After all that is done, you are loaded with the information needed to make this vision come to fruition, and that remaining 20% becomes very manageable to execute.

When one is the architect of their own world it’s evident. Chances are they would rate their lives as balanced and healthy and their outlook as positive. And there is a synchronization between person and space that feels right. It’s likely a place that others enjoy visiting too, because positive energy can be shared and goes home with guests like a party favor.

How amazing is it to realize that we can create our own worlds -our own realities! We no longer have to be beholden to the picture of the world that is shown to us in the media, expected by others or accepted in exasperation. When we create the positive experiences that we want and need we cannot be held hostage. We are truly free.

When we design the blueprints for the foundations of our lives they are built stronger. We take that strength from our small world out into the bigger one and the balance starts to shift from negative to positive. And it becomes a very different world indeed.