About Me


Kimberly Eastburn

My name is Kim Eastburn and I am The Interior Design Shrink

I have been a professional interior designer since 1983, but I’ve had a lifelong fascination with the way we express ourselves through our physical surroundings. Over the years, I’ve developed a deep understanding of the relationship the home plays to our emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing. I’ve observed first-hand the effects that being “out of synch” with ones physical environment can have on so many other aspects of life.

Using the tools of interior design I have shown people how a balanced, organized and beautiful personal living space translates into balance, organization and beauty in their external world.

In our over-scheduled, over-cluttered and over-designed world I have been teaching people to question what it is they really need.  I encourage them to “awaken” by first clearing out the unnecessary possessions that keeps them tied to the past, reduces their energy and blocks new opportunities from coming their way. Once this is accomplished, we can move forward and create an environment that reflects and supports the highest expression of who they are. 

I have been equal parts designer, therapist, drill sergeant and friend in this process of co-creation. I have seen the amazing transformations that occur when people recalibrate their homes, and ultimately, themselves.   

I speak and write passionately about the therapeutic benefits of interior design to well-being. I integrate this philosophy with clients addressing all aspects of lifestyle, design and personal transformation.   

 Exploring what’s between life and home.  Life…re-designed.